How EZGlide Transforms Patient Transfer In Hospitals

ezGLIDE® streamlines the patient transfer process, making it faster, safer, and more efficient than clunky old transfer boards could ever dream of. Switching to these single-patient slide sheets will transform your patient transfer protocol, reduce the risk of healthcare-acquired infection in your facility, and help prevent ergonomic injury to your staff.  

The Drawbacks of Patient Transfer Boards

First, let’s talk about those transfer boards. Although commonly used in hospitals, these assistive devices have some serious drawbacks compared to disposable patient transfer sheets:

1. Limited versatility: Transfer boards are designed primarily for lateral transfers, which means they’re just not suitable for all types of patient transfers. On the other hand, disposable slide sheets can be used for various transfer techniques, including turning, repositioning, and boosting.

2. Infection control issues: Patient transfer boards are often made of hard materials such as plastic or wood, which can be challenging to clean and disinfect thoroughly. Disposable slide sheets are single-patient items, easily discarded after each use, minimizing the risk of healthcare-associated infections.

3. Patient discomfort: Transfer boards cause discomfort for your patients. These boards put pressure on certain body parts, leading to pain or risk of injury. Disposable slide sheets, with their smooth and low-friction surface, provide a more comfortable transfer experience for patients.

4. Time-consuming setup: Transfer boards require proper positioning and alignment. This process can be time-consuming, especially when dealing with patients who cannot actively participate in the transfer process. In contrast, disposable slide sheets can be quickly and easily placed underneath the patient before a procedure, and stay with the patient for easy transfer from surgery to recovery.

Of course, patient transfer boards have their uses, but the drawbacks mean disposable slide sheets are better for almost every patient transfer need.  

Patient Transfer Boards Can Be Risky

One significant risk of patient transfer boards is the lack of proper disinfection. If patient transfer boards are not disinfected thoroughly after each use, harmful bacteria and viruses can linger on the surface, posing a potential threat to patient safety.

Do you know that the board you just grabbed was definitely disinfected before you put the patient on? In a busy hospital environment, especially emergency, intensive care units, or labor and delivery departments, things get chaotic. No one is perfect. Can you guarantee that every board is sanitized before it’s put back in storage? 

Speaking of storage, patient transfer boards are much more difficult to store when compared to ezGLIDE patient transfer sheets. Improper storage conditions can lead to the accumulation of dirt, dust, and other contaminants on the boards. This can compromise the cleanliness of the boards and increase the risk of infection transmission between patients. Even finding the room required to store these boards can be a challenge if your surgical center or healthcare facility has limited space. 

Switching to ezGLIDE’s single-patient disposable transfer sheets nearly eliminates all these risks and storage troubles. 

Superior Patient Protection Against HAIs

Healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs) can have serious consequences, impacting patient outcomes, increasing healthcare costs, and putting an additional burden on hospitals. Hospitals need to prioritize safe transfer devices that minimize the risk of patient infection.

Transferring patients from one bed to another is an essential part of care, but it comes with risks. Instead of using multiple patient transfer surfaces, you can place the patient on a sheet of ezGLIDE before their procedure. 

Single-Patient, Not Single-Use

ezGLIDE patient transfer sheets are designed to be used for a single patient, but not necessarily for a single use: one transfer sheet can be utilized multiple times during a patient’s hospitalization.

This helps your facility reduce the spread of disease and HAIs within your facility. By using the same transfer sheet for multiple transfers, all biological material can stay with the patient, without compromising their comfort or well-being. Plus, the patient is not exposed to the additional risk of potentially contaminated transfer boards. 

Of course, with the sheet staying with the patient for multiple uses, this has the added benefit of not tying up a transfer board. Your staff doesn’t have to waste time finding a slide board or hover mat. Instead, the ezGLIDE transfer sheet can be easily reused, saving time and resources.

Disposables Are Safer, Easier, and More Comfortable

Disposable patient transfer sheets are safer than rigid board transfers for patients and staff. Disposable transfer sheets eliminate the risk of cross-contamination between patients. Unlike transfer boards, which require cleaning after each use, disposable sheets provide a hygienic and hassle-free option.

With transfer boards, the process of cleaning and disinfecting can be time-consuming, causing delays between patient transports. Disposable transfer sheets eliminate this wasted time.

Patient comfort is important, too. Transfer boards, although functional, can be uncomfortable for patients due to their hard surface. In contrast, ezGLIDE disposable transfer sheets offer a flexible surface, that many patients don’t feel underneath them.

ezGLIDE disposable sheets are more comfortable for staff, too. These are lightweight and easy to handle. Just place under patients and your hips, back, neck, and knees will feel the difference. No more strained bodies!

Reduce the Risk of Ergonomic Injury to Staff

ezGLIDE patient transfer sheets were designed by a surgeon, for surgeons. After seeing ergonomic injuries in healthcare settings for years, Dr. Stewart Sloan set out to create a better solution for healthcare workers and the patients they serve. 

Top Ergonomic Injuries in Healthcare Workers

There are three serious ergonomic injuries that healthcare workers suffer as a result of improper patient transfer protocol, among other causes: 

1. Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs): According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, MSDs account for 48% of all reported injuries and illnesses among healthcare workers. These disorders affect the muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, and other soft tissues, often resulting from repetitive tasks, awkward postures, or overexertion.

2. Back and neck pain: Healthcare workers often experience back and neck pain due to heavy lifting, transferring patients, or extended periods of standing or sitting with poor posture.

3. Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS): Repetitive activities involving the hands and wrists can lead to CTS. This condition causes numbness, tingling, and pain in the hand and fingers.

By implementing ergonomic patient transfer materials and promoting a healthy work environment, you can reduce the prevalence of these injuries in your healthcare facility. 

How ezGLIDE Reduces Injury Risk

ezGLIDE patient transfer sheets can reduce the risk of ergonomic injury. ezGLIDE sheets are designed with a low-friction, latex-free material that allows for effortless patient transfers. This reduces the strain on healthcare staff when moving patients from beds to stretchers or chairs, minimizing the risk of musculoskeletal injuries.

Using ezGLIDE, staff can maintain a neutral body posture during patient transfers. The sheets eliminate the need for excessive reaching, bending, or twisting, reducing the strain on the back, shoulders, and wrists.

Plus, ezGLIDE sheets significantly reduce the physical effort required for patient transfers, preserving their upper body strength. This allows healthcare staff to carry out their tasks more efficiently and effectively, preventing fatigue and improving overall productivity.

Maximize Storage Space

Switching to ezGLIDE disposable patient transfer sheets can be a smart and efficient way to maximize storage space in your supply closet. Compared to large and bulky patient transfer boards, disposable sheets take up significantly less space, allowing you to make better use of the available storage area.

By opting for disposable sheets, you can easily store your patient transfer sheets in a handy wall dispenser in the patients’ rooms. You don’t have to find room in your packed supply closet, and your staff doesn’t have to run out of the room to grab a board. With this efficient storage, you can access your ezGLIDE sheets quickly and maintain a well-organized supply closet.

Control the Supply Closet Chaos

Say goodbye to the cluttered supply closet filled with bulky patient transfer boards and large jugs of disinfectant solutions and wipes.

Switching to ezGLIDE sheets eliminates the need for the purchase and storage of large jugs of disinfectant solution or wipes. No more dealing with the hassle of storing and restocking bulky disinfection supplies.

Disposable transfer sheets may seem more costly than transfer boards, but the overall cost is often lower due to reduced cleaning and maintenance expenses. Additionally, the time saved by using disposable sheets translates into improved efficiency and productivity. With their compact design and easy maintenance, these sheets provide a hassle-free solution for patient transfers while optimizing your storage efficiency.

How to Use ezGLIDE Slide Sheets

With ezGLIDE, you can safely and easily transfer patients. Here’s how: 

1. Prepare the sheets: Remove a single patient sheet from the wall dispenser. 

2. Position the patient: Rotate your patient using the log roll technique. Position the ezGLIDE so that one open end is near the patient’s shoulders, and the other open end is near the patient’s hips. The ezGLIDE should be roughly halfway under the patient.

3. Transfer the patient: Bring the origin and destination surfaces as close together as possible, and make sure all wheels are locked. Roll up the drawsheet and, with your feet flat on the floor, slide the patient across the ezGLIDE sheet from one surface to the other.

That’s it! Using ezGLIDE patient transfer sheets simplifies the process, ensuring the safety and well-being of both patients and caregivers.

Try ezGLIDE in Your Facility, Free

ezGLIDE patient transfer sheets will transform safe patient transfers in your healthcare facility. You can reduce the risk of infection and spare your staff the strain on their necks and backs. Try ezGLIDE and see how superior patient protection & ergonomic care for your staff will change your patient transfer protocol forever.

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