Keep Your Kicks Clean: Why Wear Medical Shoe Covers

medical shoe covers

When getting dressed as a healthcare worker, you probably give a lot of thought to your shoes—what looks good, what feels good, what can hold up to the long hours on your feet. So why not give that same care and consideration when it comes to protecting your footwear from the mess of a day (or night) on the job? Doing so is easy, all that’s needed is a selection of high-quality disposable medical shoe covers.

Who should use a medical shoe cover?

Healthcare industry workers are prone to messes. From bloody surgeries or procedures, to airborne pathogens, there can be a lot floating around the facilities. You can protect your shoes and feet from contamination with a pair of disposable medical booties. 

Other industries that could benefit from this level of protection:

  • Medical laboratories
  • Animal welfare clinics/hospitals
  • Funeral services

When is a medical shoe cover necessary?

Shoes are at risk of cross-contamination any time they enter a healthcare facility. But they are especially susceptible during bloody, wet surgeries or medical events such as childbirth, which is why shoe covers are a necessity for any type of surgery.

Sloan Medical offers a variety of PPE items to help protect against hazards from top to bottom—including medical shoe covers. 

What to look for in a disposable medical bootie? 

  • Material: are they spillproof? Tear-proof? Slip-proof?
  • Fit: can they comfortably go over your shoes and protect them completely?
  • Durability: will they hold up against the messiest of surgeries and the longest of days?
  • Availability: are they made in North America so you can avoid supply chain issues/delayed shipments?
  • Pricing: are they within the PPE budget?
  • Free samples: can you try before you buy? 

Why choose Sloan PPE as the best medical shoe covers?

Emphasis on Quality

Disposable shoe covers should be made of high-quality materials that are durable and resistant to tearing. They should also be non-slip to prevent slips and falls.

  • Impervious 2 ml polyethylene blend keeps you cool
  • Durable yet disposable, which also prevents contamination

A Fabulous Fit 

Shoe covers should be appropriately sized for the wearer’s shoe and cover the entire foot, including the sole and sides, without being too tight or too loose.

  • Easy to take on and off
  • Doesn’t impede mobility or ability to perform
  • One-size-fits-all

Better Protection

Disposable shoe covers should provide an effective barrier to prevent contamination and the spread of microorganisms and particles.

  • Heat-sealed seams prevent leaking

Totally Compliant

Disposable shoe covers should meet relevant regulatory standards and guidelines for infection prevention in healthcare settings.

  • Meet ASTM’s F1671 test standards

What are more reasons to wear medical shoe covers?

Wearing shoe covers comes with a lot of benefits. Other than protecting your own footwear from cross-contamination, shoe covers also:

  • Help maintain a cleaner environment by preventing people from tracking in various substances 
  • Improve employee efficiency, removing the time it takes away from the job to clean or change soiled footwear
  • Showcase a dedication to attention to detail, sanitation, and a higher level of care and professionalism overall 

Wearing disposable shoe covers helps maintain a sterile environment—no matter where you work. Opting for this kind of PPE helps protect healthcare workers and patients from the spread of microorganisms and particles. Plus, it demonstrates complete compliance with infection control guidelines.

See more on how Sloan shoe covers have you covered, and be sure to request a free sample today.

Try the PPE everyone’s talking about.

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