Sneak Peek: The Best Scrubs of 2023 (& How to Protect Them)

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People might think there’s not much to nurse or surgeon fashion: a scrub, is a scrub, is a scrub, right? Try telling that to members of the healthcare industry. 

At Sloan, we are healthcare professionals–just like you. And we know that scrubs aren’t just your daily uniform. They are so much more than your average pair of tops and pants.

  • They are… your pride and joy.
  • They are… your best friend. 
  • They are… your partner in crime. 
  • They are… everything!

Like you, we won’t accept a poor-quality scrub these days, or one that costs our entire paycheck. So, what matters most when shopping for scrubs? Here are a few things we keep our eyes out for:

SafetyScrubs help protect you from cross- contamination by providing an extra layer between you and the elements. 
FitScrubs should fit true to size, and be comfortable, allowing you to move around freely. 
Durability Wear, wash, repeat. That’s the lifecycle of a pair of scrubs. Can yours handle it? 
Cost Scrubs can be expensive, but it is possible to find a pair that fits your budget and answers the call.

With so many scrub companies out there, it can be even harder to narrow in on what scrub top and scrub pants are best. So, here is our roundup of the top three best scrubs for men and women to look out for in 2023.

Best for form & function: Refusing to accept subpar scrubs, the co-founder of Jaanuu™ (who is also a practicing pediatrician), Dr. Neela, set out to give healthcare professionals better scrubs. 

Jaanuu puts an emphasis on comfort and offers a helpful Fit Guide on their website to explore and discover the perfect scrub to fit your body for every shift. Jaanuu offers fit-tastic features like a range of different inseams depending on your height, slim, tailored, and classic options, stretch fabric, as well as a variety of different waistband options like drawstring and flat fronts. 

BONUS: We love a healthcare-focused company founded by someone in the healthcare industry–that’s the Sloan Medical way, after all.

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Best for fashion: You’ve seen them all over social media, and maybe even their giant billboard in Times Square–but there’s a reason FIGS® are popping up everywhere and becoming so mainstream: they’re extremely stylish. From boundless colors (neon red, anyone?) to styles that look like they could pass for genuine department store athleisure, to a first-of-its-kind scrubjumpsuit™, FIGS are as comfortable as they are stylish and guarantee a flattering fit. 

BONUS: First-time shoppers get 15% off their first purchase and they even have a convenient app to make shopping easy. 

Best value: Scrubs don’t have to cost an arm and a leg–they just have to cover them. For a great option that won’t break the bank, consider the Just Love Women’s Six Pocket Medical Scrubs Set (V-Neck with Cargo Pant). They come in under $25 for the set and hooked us with the promise of all-day comfort and lots of pockets. 

BONUS: Just because this pair is more affordable, doesn’t mean you can’t express yourself in them. The set is available in a whopping 19 colors! With the affordable price point, you can stock up so you don’t have to feel like you’re wearing the same thing every day.  

Best overall: With a range of options for both men and women, a tech-savvy shopping app to make purchasing a breeze, and a social media presence that’s proved their presence, FIGS takes the award for the best nurses scrubs in 2023. 

P.S.: For the winter months, be sure to check out their jackets and vests.

Okay, you’ve made your selection. Now it’s time to protect your investment.

Sloan personal protective equipment (PPE) products not only protect you from bodily cross-contamination, they protect your scrubs. We know that when you purchase scrubs, it’s more than just a daily uniform. It’s something you’ve thought carefully about before making a financial investment. So value your scrubs even more with the right PPE for you and the job.

Did you know Sloan offers a variety of PPE options to help avoid cross-contamination, keeping your scrubs protected and you safer on the job? You deserve high-quality protection when it comes to your medical scrubs. Try a free sample by requesting your PPE here.

Try the PPE everyone’s talking about.

Finally, PPE to keep surgeons and nurses dry and safe during surgery.

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