Why Involve Surgeons in PPE Purchasing Decisions?

PPE purchasing

Involve surgeons in purchasing decisions for better patient outcomes.

As a surgeon, prioritizing high-quality personal protective equipment is crucial for your safety and achieving optimal patient outcomes. Your critical role in patient care also extends to making sure you have the best equipment and materials available. Involving surgeons in PPE purchasing decisions is vital for healthcare systems seeking to enhance patient care and manage rising costs. 

Most health care organizations are focused on driving innovation, ensuring cost-effectiveness, and patient safety. If these reflect your goals, below are three important reasons to include surgeons when considering and purchasing the best PPE. 

Enhanced Safety for All

When surgeons have a say in purchasing decisions, their frontline experience and expertise come into play. They know what works best to prevent infections and maintain a sterile environment. Plus, they’re the ones who can spot the game-changing products that can revolutionize the surgical experience. Surgeons can also give the thumbs-up on quality, comfort, and durability of different PPE options, making sure they meet safety standards.

And hey, involving surgeons in PPE purchasing decisions isn’t just about safety — it’s about showing that healthcare systems genuinely care about patients. When surgeons trust the quality and effectiveness of their gear, they can focus on their duties without a worry. And you know what? That trust trickles down to patients, who can rest assured that the hospital is going above and beyond to keep them safe during those surgical procedures.

Increased Cost-Effectiveness

Did you know an estimated 50 million inpatient surgical procedures occur each year in the United States, at a cost of $175 billion (and that includes PPE). In addition, over 40% of costs of the acute care episodes of surgical patients are related to the resource-intensive operating room. Given these numbers, it comes as no surprise that the OR has become healthcare systems’ focus for reining in costs.

Relying on surgeons’ familiarity with the unique demands of various surgical procedures empowers healthcare systems to make informed decisions regarding PPE. Their expertise aids in choosing cost-effective options that meet quality standards without excessive purchasing. This optimization of PPE budgets enables healthcare systems to ensure essential PPE availability while minimizing waste.

Improved Staff Satisfaction and Retention

No one has more informed opinions on PPE than surgeons. They have an intimate understanding of the need to move freely, see clearly, and communicate effectively during surgeries. Few staff members are better versed in various PPE options like design, fit, and usability considerations. When healthcare systems involve surgeons in purchasing decisions, they can pick PPE that’s more comfortable and customized, cutting down on fatigue and boosting overall performance.

Plus, when surgeons are part of the purchasing decision-making process, it shows that their expertise and opinions truly matter. This kind of inclusion amps up staff satisfaction and morale, leading to more teamwork and higher retention rates among surgical teams. When surgeons feel heard and valued, it creates a collaborative and supportive vibe that works wonders for patient care.

We’ve laid out the case for why surgeons should be involved in PPE purchasing decisions. And at Sloan Medical, we walk the talk, too — our company’s founder is a successful urologist who pivoted his surgical career to start a company that has become the leading PPE manufacturer in North America.

Our goal is simple: Manufacture the highest quality personal protective equipment for medical professionals. Our product lines have been perfected over our 30+ years in business and are guaranteed to perform in all types of environments. 
If you’re a surgeon involved in purchasing PPE for your healthcare system, choose a product line that improves safety, cost-effectiveness and staff satisfaction. Surgeons who switch to Sloan never go back — and staff members have never been happier. Let us prove it. Request free samples.

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Finally, PPE to keep surgeons and nurses dry and safe during surgery.

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